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The financial struggle is real


Employees report that money-related stress negatively affects both their work and personal lives

Source: Morgan Stanley - State of the Workplace II


Six figure earners in America are living paycheck to paycheck

Source: Time (PYMNTS and Lending Club)


Adults are unable to afford $1,000 emergency expense

Source: Bankrate's 2023 Annual Emergency Report

With Pull, you can...

Empower your team Icon

Empower your team

Give your employees the financial flexibility they need to succeed, with access to their future earnings through Salary Advance.

Save on costs Icon

Save on

Never worry about employee recourse upon departure. Flexibility to use your capital or Pull capital to fund the benefits.

Attract and retain talent Icon

Attract and retain talent

Offer your employees a unique benefit. Give new hires a boost with Signing Bonus, structured like equity and vesting over time.

Streamline your benefits Icon

Streamline your benefits

Pull is a dedicated financial wellness platform that’s easy to use and manage for your company and for your employees.

How it Works

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Provide information

Provide basic financial information so we can underwrite your group.

Integrate Pull

Integrate Pull with your payroll using our HRIS integration. No dev resources needed.

Onboard onto our company dashboard to have visibility and control over employees using Pull benefits.

Get started with Pull

Announce Pull as a benefit to your employees using our employee communication guide - at your All Hands, Team Meetings and on your company portals.

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Employer turnover cost calculator

Move the sliders to see how much your employee turnover costs you
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Your estimated annual cost of employee turnover is:
Your company could be losing
an estimated $1.6M!
Productivity Loss: $689K
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Curious about the real cost of employees turnover?

Our Employee Turnover Cost Calculator helps you uncover all the expenses associated with high turnover rate. Find out the financial impact of losing talented employees.

Make data-driven decisions and invest in the financial wellness of your employees with Pull.

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Effortless employee benefits

Offering Pull as a benefit is easy and secure
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Seamless HRIS integration
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No Liability for the Employer
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Safe and Secure Process
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Our users are fans of Pull

After my company announced we were returning to office, I need to relocate. By using Pull, I was able to manage the upfront costs of moving and purchasing furniture without having to dip into my savings. The onboarding and repayment system was refreshingly straightforward to manage.

Lead Product Manager

I hadn't really considered how much additional flexibility pulling ahead a few months of salary would provide me until using Pull. It was all so easy to use and incredibly fast–which allowed me to pay off some student loans much faster than I would've been able to do, otherwise. Anyone who is looking for an easy and low-risk way to get a little more financial wiggle room should try Pull!

Chief of Staff

Pull’s salary advance solution came in clutch earlier this year when I wanted to make some travel plans for later this year and didn’t want to rack up a big charge on my credit card. The money came in really quick and the process was super smooth.

Director, Growth Strategy

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